/ 2018 / /

Road to Ruin

  • Prize
    Gold in Press/War
  • Photographer
    Christian Werner

With the fall of Aleppo, the regime of Bashar Assad once again controls the country's
second-largest city. But is reconciliation possible in the country? A journey through the
dictator's rump state. It is clear what conclusion the regime would like visitors to
reach: that Bashar Assad is the only one who can bring the country back together again.
But what do people really think? What are the obstacles to reconciliation and
reconstruction? And isn't Assad himself the greatest obstacle? " CW

Christian Werner is a freelance photographer based in Nordstemmen, Germany.

As a teenager he developed his interest in photography while travelling to foreign countries.

Since 2009 he’s studying photojournalism at the University of Applied Sciences in Hannover.

His main interests are social diversity and global political issues. The areas of interest is mainly

the arabic world and culture.
Since 2012 Christian is represented by agency laif.