/ 2018 / /


  • Prize
    Silver in Fine Art/Still Life
  • Photographer
    Shaun Myles
  • Studio

The SINK series focuses on a nature/culture binary. The concept of
a sink is something that nearly all households are familiar with and
is a site where renewal happens daily as items are cleaned to be
reused. It's a place in which, as with many other 'containers' we
use in our domestic lives (bathtubs, trashcans, beds, apartments
and houses themselves -coffins, toilets even!), 'nature' is held at
bay allowing us to live our domesticated 'culture' lives free from
nature's inundation. SINK focuses in on one place in our lives
where this tension plays out.

The remnants observed in this receptacle also tell stories of their
own, vis-a-vie what they've been used for, culinary habits, and
hints at personality. Some at moments almost have a sense of the
stillness of something spiritual in their in-between state.

Metaphorically it's a place of transformation, of cleansing and
renewal, with the potential of redemption.