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Chimpanzee portraits

  • Prize
    Silver in Nature/Wildlife
  • Photographer
    Gregoris Mentzas

Portraits of chimpanzees that show them outside of their
context and allow the viewer to develop a more personal and
intimate perspective of each portrait.

Each animal is a unique creature that can be majestic in its
wildness. I try to capture this uniqueness focusing on light,
shapes, shadows, expressions and the distinct texture that
emphasizes the details of each creature.

All photographs were taken in the Attica Zoological Park (Attica,

Gregoris Mentzas leads a double life as an academic professor and a fine art photographer.His work focuses on the concepts of time and decay, tranquility and silence. He strives to capture serenity and encapsulate the ephemeral quality of calmness.

Awards 2016: Four Honourable Mentions in the 11th Annual Black & White Spider Awards 2016.

2016: Two Honourable Mentions in the International Photography Awards 2016 Competition

2016: One Nomination In The International Fine Art Photography Awards

2016: Three honourable mentions in the Moscow International Fotography Awards (MIFA).

2015: Honourable Mention in the Fine Art category at the Monochrome Awards.

2015: Three nominations in the 10th Annual Black and White Spider Awards.

2015: A bronze star award and six (6) honourable mentions in the 2015 International ND Photography Awards.

2015: Five (5) honourable awards in the 2015 IPA International Photography Awards.

2015: Three (3) nominations in the 2015 International Fine Art Photography Contest (FAPA 2015).

2015: Two silver and one bronze award and two honourable mentions in the PX3 International Photo Competition.

2014: Two Honourable Mentions in the International Black And White Photography Contest.