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  • Prize
    Silver in Advertising/Architecture
  • Photographer
    Ahmed Thabet

It is an abstract approach to some of Kuwait city buildings and London buildings, like ( Tujaria tower, Martyr tower, Gherkin tower) I was influenced by the medieval Arabian sword which is famous for it is curved blade and wide surface, I saw the buildings as a sword ( which is called Scimitar ) I used fisheye and ultrawide lens, benefitting from it is distortion as much as possible.

It is a visual lifeless imaginary struggle story. just follow the lines and highlights to get them alive.

Awards Awards:
Second in international monochrome photo awards 2017 in an abstract category
First in international photographer of the year 2017 architecture, bridges
Gold and silver in TIFA 2017 architecture bridges
A winner in the 1x international award 2017, abstract category
First place in ( one hundred Arabian photographers 2016) black and white category
A winner in HIPA architecture contest 2016
2 Honorable mentions in IPA harmony one single shot 2017
Alongside with many honorable mentions in TIFA IPOY and international monochrome awards 2017