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Chez MOI

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    Winner in State of the World/Social documentary
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    Federico Tisa
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The housing occupation of Ex MOI in Turin began in the end of March 2013 in the old Olympic Village built during the 2006 Winter Games and then left unused. Today, Ex Moi is home to approximately 1,400 refugees from 28 different African countries. Many of them fled Libya when the civil war broke out in 2011. Ex MOI is a city within a city, a place where life is based on self-subsistence and mutual help, a purgatory where people live pursuing a job and a legal regularization that is often difficult to obtain. Ex MOI is actually the biggest housing occupation of migrants in Europe.

After studying architecture, I devoted myself to photography, obtaining a diploma at the Fondazione Artevision in Turin and working as a photographer on stage for various Italian music magazines, including: XL Republic, Rockerilla, Noise and Rocklab. I studied photojournalism and reportage photography in Milan and Rome. Today, as a freelancer, I am carrying out long-term social-documentary projects.