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CAESURA the duration of a sigh

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    Winner in State of the World/War & Conflicts effects
  • Photographer
    demetris koilalous

CAESURA refers to the transitory state of refugees & migrants entering Greece after crossing the Aegean Sea,on their way to the land of promise:Europe.Typically the term CAESURA means the brief silence in the middle of a poetic verse or a musical phrase,used in this context as a metaphor for a silent break amid 2 violent periods.CAESURA is a collection of personal narratives of persons who pause before they continue their journey while at the same time they build temporary microcosms as a mainstay of their identity & culture.CAESURA seeks to raise questions about the human condition & identity

Demetris Koilalous was born in Athens; he has been working as a freelance photographer since 1990, specializing in portrait and theatre photography. He has collaborated with many public and private organisations, central and local government institutions, museums, and national, regional and municipal theatres; his works have been published in many Greek magazines and newspapers. Since 2004, he has been teaching photography in private and public institutions. His works are found in numerous private collections, as well as in the collection of the Museum of Photography of Thessaloniki

Awards - CENTER, Santa Fe (N. Mexico), Exhibitor’s choice 2017 1st place Award for CAESURA
- Kuala Lumpur International Photo Awards 2017 “FAMILY”,“Photo Stories”1st place Award
- FOTOFILMIC “Solo II exhibition Award” Nov 2017 Runner Up for HETEROTOPIA – Juried by Alec Soth
- Renaissance Photography Prize 2017 “Borders” & “Life” categories, finalist for CAESURA
- PDN “Storytellers” 2017 theme runner up for CAESURA
- Life-FRAMER “Series Award” 2017 runner up for CAESURA
- YICCA International Awards 2017 Italy, 1st prize for “HETEROTOPIA”
- 2017-05 # “CAESURA” 1st prize “Head On Mobile Prizes 2017” Head On Photo Festival, Sydney
- 2017-05 # “CAESURA” 2nd prize “Head On Portrait Prizes 2017” Head On Photo Festival, Sydney
- Life-FRAMER, “Still Life” 2017 theme 1st prize for CAESURA
- Life-FRAMER, “Youthhood” 2017 theme runner up for CAESURA