Elisa Burnazzi

Burnazzi Feltrin Architects / Lead Arcitect

In 2003 Elisa Burnazzi, together with Davide Feltrin, has founded the practice Burnazzi Feltrin Architects with offices in Trento and Rimini (Italy). The two designers, partner in work and life, are driven by a strong passion for architecture viewed as a creative act.

Their works have been published on prestigious books and magazines and their practice has been awarded with distinguished prizes both national and international. In 2010 Burnazzi and Feltrin have been finalists for the Renzo Piano Foundation Prize to a Young Talent. In 2012 their work PF single family house was exhibited at the Venice Biennale 13th International Architecture Exhibition, in the Italian Pavilion. In 2016 they have been selected for inclusion in the international exhibition about sustainable architecture Wood 2016 Architecture of Necessity.

Recently Elisa Burnazzi has been shortlisted for the international award The Moira Gemmill Prize for Emerging Architecture aimed to emerging women architects. This year the website Archdaily has listed her among the 15 women architects who have designed exceptional projects all over the world.

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