Life Sentente

PhotographerSergio de Luz
PrizeSilver in Fine Art / Other_FA
Entry Description

I live this life as a life sentence. I had an accident in 2008 that made my left arm numb, since five of my nerves were ripped from the root adding a neurological and chronicle pain. The one drug that I need the most is Clonazepam. It comes in a bluish liquid form, inside a glass bottle, and milds my everyday pain. I started saving this bottles years ago, I did not know why I was doing it. I just did. Five years after I thought about this proyect. I had more than 600 bottles at that time. I want to express how fragile life can be depending on where you live. That is why an African model was choseen. If I was born else where, a worst scenario would have taken place. This series of pictures show how this drug leave an imprint on myself. I am very fortunated to share this story.