Nature & Culture

PhotographerYvon Jolivet
PrizeSilver in Fine Art / Other_FA
Entry Description

This photographic series pays homage to the human calligraphic's culture, an heritage to the inspirating Nature all around us. In recent years, I undertook a deep research to illustrate and highlight not only the beauty but also the duality between nature and culture, both in the different styles of writing as their evolution over time. Choosing a cursive Chinese calligraphy came to me not only because of his seniority, estimated dates from ± 5000 years, but also by its cursive style 'Caoshu' also called 'grass style'. From this, what better could be required to join the natural herbs shapes their movements in the wind. Within this photographic series, a Coashu style calligraphy is integrated with grass shadows on the snow. Within each photograph, Caoshu style calligraphy is integrated which is the title of the photograph.

About Photographer

My photographic approach tends to highlight the natural environment by a photography of proximity. My previous training in the science and geography of microclimates is inevitably transmitted to my photograph by fragmenting it into multiple fragments, tiny territories of a more complex whole. To see things more closely, to reveal the details often invisible to the simple passer-by, is what my photographic style has been trying for several years. My photographic processing varies according to the themes exploited. When it is in contrast, it reveals all colors and textures, while black and white leaves room for the dreamlike, subconscious and symbolism. I advocate the approach of the natural through the mineral universe as support of the living. This is the object of my photograph, to give a new meaning to the forms and to the natural rhythm, to break the spaces, the time, and to recombine them into each other in order or disorder. Create a new world from the old.