Metamorphosis. Black

PhotographerMaria Pleshkova
PrizeBronze in Fine Art / Digitally Enhanced
Entry Description

I turned 30 and was completely lost. I suddenly realized my own finiteness. I realized the fragility of life, youth and beauty. This thought, which now seems so obvious, came to me out of the blue. My microcosm is changing in parallel with a dramatically changing macrocosm. I need to adapt to reality, but instead I’m trying to escape. Making art is a form of escapism. Through photography, I create my own universe. I transform my anxiety, fears, obsessions and shame into pictures. The older I get, the faster time seems to go. The fear of death is the fear of the unknown. It’s impossible for many to imagine non- existence. I make self-portraits because I am often alone, and know myself well. Creation is the opposite of death, and each self- portrait is the answer to the question ‘Am I still alive?’

About Photographer

Maria Pleshkova is a multidisciplinary artist working in photography, digital collage and video. Pleshkova graduated from the Law Faculty of Moscow State University, but her career in law wasn’t long because of her passion for photography. Later, she studied Photojournalism at Moscow State University and Short film production at School of Visual Arts (Moscow). Also, she attended the Eddie Adams Workshop (USA) and the International Summer School of Photography (Latvia). Her life and art are inseparably connected. In her work, Pleshkova explores the Microcosm, the human universe, and certain moments of the highest intensity of life. Her recent projects are mostly autobiographical, but the autobiography is just an excuse to talk about things which are universal and common to all humankind. Pleshkova’s work has been shown at several international festivals in France, Spain, Italy, Georgia and Russia.