She Is in High School

PhotographerKristina Varaksina
PrizeGold in Portraiture / Other_P
Entry Description

The project "She Is In High School" reveals the discrepancy between the image of fashion models we see in magazines and their actual place in life. The girls participated in the project are all professional models and are only 15-17 years old. The goal of the project is to make a social commentary on the fact that there are very young models working in fashion and advertising industry, that are being seeing as adults by the viewer. Misleading the viewer and sometimes setting unrealistic standards, they are being misled themselves.

About Photographer

Russian-born Kristina Varaksina has resided in the USA since 2010 and currently lives and works in New York. Varaksina’s focus is to capture human emotion and the psychological impressions of her subjects' mind – permitting the characters to project their internal reality. Works undertaken are keen to explore a female and child perspective, evoking their thoughts, dreams and hopes. Recently, Aesthetica magazine suggests ‘Varaksina's personal works are etherial, projecting the psyche onto the corners of a room... Through a conscientious attention to light and a soft palette these allegories come to life and absorb the viewer into their microcosm’. Education: MFA 12/2013 Academy of Art University, San Francisco. Major: Photography MA 07/2005 The Ural State Academy of Visual Arts and Architecture. Major: Graphic Design and Advertising.