Floating family on the lake of Pakistan

PhotographerFujiyo Tsunemi
PrizeSilver in Portraiture / Family
Entry Description

Juman and his wife, six daughters, four sons live on a single ship on Lake Mancher, south of Pakistan. Their living depends greatly on the lake. 90% of the food is fish and waterfowl that can be taken at the lake. Fuel for cooking uses is the reed growing in the lake. Reeds are also used as ship materials- on the board and the roof. There were a thousand ship houses 20 years ago on this lake, but now only 30 or 40. The water got dirty by drainage from nearby factories and agricultural wastewater.

About Photographer

Fujiyo Tsunami is a Japanese freelance photographer focusing on woman and life in the Middle East for 20 years. Works has been appeared in several magazine, books, exhibitions mainly in Japan.