PhotographerElisabetta Riccio
PrizeSilver in Portraiture / Culture
Entry Description

Clausus comes from Latin and it means close. At the same time it refers to a separate place where you can meet God, to a material obstacle ( the wall, the greeting, the edge, the locked doors) and to the rules which favour this separation. Inside those segregated walls, made of closed doors, every day life takes place in silence and life here is marked with the only sounds of the bells and the nuns’ prayers, which give a regular rhythm which is repeated in the same way every day. Day after Day at the same hours in the same places doing the same things. In this way the perception space - time changes and becomes relative: the only ‘noises’ of the wind, the twittering of birds, the chirping of the grasshoppers and the same sound of silence, make you feel distant from external reality thus becoming a company which talks to you.

About Photographer

Elisabetta Riccio was born in Italy. She graduated in Architecture and she attended specialization courses in Photography at IED (European Institute of Design), Turin. Her exhibitions includes: Fondazione Dante Alighieri, Berlino; Pretty Portal Gallery, Dusseldorf; Galo Art Gallery, Torino; Allegra la Viola Gallery, New York; Mana Wynwood, Miami.