Kabarto Childrens

PhotographerFlorence AT
PrizeGold in Portraiture / Children
Entry Description

The Kabarto refugee camp in Iraqi Kurdistan has 28,000 people in two units. It is located near the town of Duhok, north of Iraq, 70 kilometers from Mosul and a few hours drive from Turkey, Syria, or Iran. The refugees are mainly Yezidis, from the Sinjar region, fled cause of Daesch. Here, the children seem to be kings. They are hundreds to play in dusty "streets", enjoying an apparent great freedom. The little of them are born here and they only know their tent as a house. Other older ones have already experienced the war and have walk on the back of their parents. I wanted to show the smiles, the games, the soccer of these big-hearted children, but also that sombre dark tone that everyone keeps in the depths of their eyes, representative of those who have seen, those who know, those who have lost everything.