Abstract Iceland

PhotographerFranco Cappellari
PrizeBronze in Nature / Earth
Entry Description

The interior of Iceland was long terra incognita: unknown, unexplored country. The photographs are part of an aerial image series of the Iceland. Aerial photography attracts me always: the landscapes photographed from above assume unimaginable forms. Think of the drawings made by the man with his work in the fields, to the shores of rivers and roads that become sinuous lines, to the cultivation of flowers that look like colorful carpets of petals. During my flight on this beautiful earth, I photographed glaciers, volcanoes, lakes and rivers, all with bizarre shapes, almost abstract. I can say with certainty that it was the most beautiful flight photo that I made until now.

About Photographer

I’m an Italian freelance photographer and advertising journalist in Venafro, Italy. I work with Nikon Italia and I collaborate with a lot of international magazines: Touring National Geographic, Bell'Italia, Panorama Travel, In Viaggio, Adesso, Vanity Fair, PCPhoto, Fotocult, The Photographer, L’Espresso, The Gate. Most of my important activities are with Italian and international Tourist Offices: Tuscany, Puglia, Argentina, China, Cyprus, Israel, Kenya, Malaysia, Nicaragua, Norway, Quebec, Spain, South Africa and Venezuela, for which I have created the photographic documentation subsequently used for tourism promotion.Some of my works were exhibited at China and Kenya’s Pavilions at Expo Milano 2015. I’m Master Photographer for the Nikon School workshops and Nikon School Travel.