Winter from Above

PhotographerFilip Wolak
PrizeSilver in Nature / Earth
Entry Description

The Winter from Above series is a result of passion, commitment, love of flying, and photography. For an experienced pilot and an accomplished photographer, this marriage is a natural way to express the beauty of the world as seen from above. It is also the appreciation of the simplicity and the elegance of nature. It offers a unique way to look at common things from a different perspective. All photographs in this series have been taken from a Cessna 172, a personal airplane and flight trainer. Filip is piloting the plane and photographing at the same time - which allows him full control over airplane position and attitude. Each flight is a mission that required careful planning ⎯ the weather, the visibility, the winds, the angle of the sun⎯all must come together at the right time, with a little bit of luck and chance. Each image is a exhibition-ready large format print.