Migration - force of evolution

Companyshimon and tammar photography
PhotographerShimon Tammar rothstein
PrizeGold in Portraiture / Other_P
Entry Description

The Migration series explores the source to human drive and evolution of consciousness. We evolve in modern times through the recognition of our own individuality. In our global modern era, we are moved by a collective consciousness to focus on the individual, and the psychological languish. Everything in our lives is interpreted as a reflection into the inner human physiology. The subjective individual lives in the ego system.

About Photographer

Shimon and Tammar husband and wife Live and work in NY. Shimon started photographing at the age of 9 when he bought his first camera, and Tammar was 15 when she discovered the magic of photography. They both Love to reinvent themselves exploring the unknown. ��We are looking for challenges and feel uncomfortable in our comfortable zone. Life is all about changes and constant motion. People have a perception of solid unchangeable selves this is the normal concept. �To be present in these gradual changes is fascinating, to recognize were we all human evolve from, a desire, a thought in our parent mind. Any thing is possible, everything in the human worlds formed from abstract non-material intentions, vision, which is the starting point. As the creation get formed and been reshaped and evolve. Our work merges sometime from a vision that reveal itself to us like poetry, other times from a concept that we are mostly interested to focus on as we are looking at what seems to be obvious. We share with each other our ideas and merge them together. The real true wonder in life is to look at the obvious the familiar as if we had never seen them before. To unrecognized what we already know, peeling the layers of certainties. Shimon and Tamar have won awards from Communication arts Photography Annual, IPA Lucy Awards, Graphics. They work with Major Advertising agencies Ogilvy, JWT, BBDO, DDB, McCann-Erickson Saatchi & Saatchi, Euro RSCG Worldwide. Their work are featured in leading publications and magazines.