CompanyPhoto×Design sora
PhotographerYasunori Matsui
PrizeSilver in Nature / Other_N
Entry Description

Are animals in zoos happy? This issue is controversial. We often think of zoos as enjoyable places – the animals look like they are living their lives peacefully, and at the same time, zoos are valuable places in that they allow us to see and study rare animals. However, due to repeated inbreeding, the animals’ instincts and biology are being altered. I feel that their long-standing biological system is on the verge of collapse. To solve this issue, we cannot simply say that we should not have any zoos. We cannot deny the significance of the role that zoos play in our society. When I visited a small zoo in Japan and I was drawn into the animals’ eyes. They had dignity, but at the same time I saw the mixed expressions of loneliness, fear, stress and anger. All the animals in the zoo had this mixed expressions in the eyes, yet

About Photographer

Yasunori Matsui Born in 1980. Based in Osaka Japan I graduated from "JAPAN INSTITUTE OF PHOTOGRAPHY AND FILM" 2003 Established Design Office BluE 2013 Changed Company name to Photo×Design sora Photo Festival / Art Fair ・ 2017 “Photo Lucida Portfolio Review” (Benson Hotel / Portland , U.S.A.) ・ 2017.2016 “Young Art Taipei ” (Sheraton Grande Taipei / Taipei, Taiwan ) ・ 2017 “INTERNATIONAL LOS ANGELES PHOTOGRAPHIC ART EXPOSITION” (The REEF LA Mart/ Los Angeles , U.S.A.) ・ 2016 “Review Santafe” (Santafe Hotel / Santafe , U.S.A.) ・ 2016.2015 “fotofever” (carrousel du louvre / Paris, France ) ・ 2016 “UNKNOWN ASIA” (HERBIS HALL Osaka / Osaka, Japan ) ・ 2015 “Paris Photo” (Grand Palais / Paris, France ) ・ 2015.2014 “Mt.ROKKO INTERNATIONAL PHOTO FESTIVAL” (Rokko Sky Vila / Mt.ROKKO, Kobe, Japan ) ・ 2015 – 2013 “SEOUL PHOTO” (COEX MALL / Seoul, Korea ) Solo Exhibition ・2015 “Shadows in Paradise” (Satellite event of the KYOTO-GRAPHIE International Photography Festival / Gallery Main / Kyoto, Japan) Group Exhibition ・ 2016-2014 “Salon Daguerre Photo Exhibition” (Salon Daguerre / Paris , France) ・ 2016-2011 “Spiegel Photo Exhibition” (Fuji Film Photo Salon・Canon Gallery Umeda / Osaka, Japan) ・ 2015.2014 “RAIEC TOKYO”(3331 Arts Chiyoda / Tokyo, Japan) ・ 2014 “Ashiya Photo Award Winners Exhibition” (Salons de la Mairie / Paris, France) ・ 2013 “60th Nikkor Photo Contest 's Exhibition” (Nikon Salon bis Shinjuku・Osaka, Japan /Nikon Salonn Tokyo・Osaka, Japan) ・ 2013 “Luftspiegelung Exhibition” (Photo Gallery ittosha/ Osaka, Japan) ・ 2013.2011 “Spiegel Selected Photo Exhibition 2011” (Fuji Film Photo Salon / Osaka, Japan) ・ 2009 “Tahiti Papeete City Hall” (Japanese Consulate General / Papeete, Tahiti) ・ 2009 “The four seasons in Ohara Photo Contest” (Kyoto Ohara Sanzenin Temple / Kyoto, Japan) ・ 2008 “World Heritage Photo Exhibition” (Matsubara City Hall / Osaka, Japan)