Floral Reflections

PhotographerElizabeth Panzer
PrizeGold in Nature / Flowers
Entry Description

I am a photographer. I work with a scanner. Objects change once they are scanned. Their three-dimensionality is transformed in a way that inspires me to see them as dynamic compositional elements. In this form, they are easily manipulated to become building blocks. The final image is constructed of up to 15 layers to make a unique whole. This series is an exploration of texture and density. It features flowers from my home and garden. As I create the image, I work to amplify the movement suggested by the shape of the individual cuttings. Ordinary flowers shown larger than life bring the tactile nature of each leaf and petal to the forefront. Depth, often non-literal, is created through the variations in transparency and dissolution of focus. My images invite the viewer into a private world, populated with beautiful images,