Earth Scars

PhotographerYi Sun 2016 PX3 awards, overall 1st Prize in N...
PrizeSilver in Nature / Landscape_N
Entry Description

We, humans, are always putting ourselves superior over other living species. Without a doubt, we are the most intelligent organisms that Earth has seen. This often gives us the illusion that we have the right to change this planet in whatever ways we see fitting. These dramatic series of images were taken over a mining site in Western Australia. We oven hear people say that we are destroying the earth. In truth, the earth has endured far more hostile environment since its birth. We may have the abilities to leave "scars" on the earth, but all we are destroying is just a place we can live as a home.

About Photographer

Yi Sun is an international award-winning landscape and travel photographer based in Cambridge, UK. He has a passion to explore the world and documenting nature's fine art creations. Website: