Hunting with the cheetahs

PhotographerJose Fragozo
PrizeSilver in Nature / Wildlife
Entry Description

Wild animals are born into a dangerous world and thus surviving is part of a complex competition. I could witness that in the unending plains of the Karoo, in South Africa, in a wildlife reserve called Tiger Canyons, where a cheetah mother lead her 5 sub-adult cubs on a warthog hunt. Cheetahs have a reputation for being docile in comparison with other big cats. For years I have photographed cheetahs and in some reserves in Southern Africa they let you approach them or they approach you: sometimes they jump into your car or use the bonnet as a hunting platform. This sequence was taken at a close distance without the use of remote controlled devices. To do this, you need to observe the cheetahs for quite some time to find out whether they will let you approach them and be guided by an experienced ranger who knows the animals’ habits.

About Photographer

Wildlife photographer and photographic safari guide.