Fourth Wall

CompanyBrooke Shaden Photography
PhotographerBrooke Shaden
PrizeGold in Fine Art / Nudes
Entry Description

Connectedness and honesty are praised yet there is less truth in those actions than ever before. We are alone in our feelings, despite being surrounded by unimaginable masses. In filmmaking, the "4th Wall" is the break between camera and viewer, where the viewer is aware that the film is, in fact, a film. When filmmaking becomes self-reflexive, pointing out that the medium is only a construction, it allows the viewer insight into the process rather than the product. The truth of loneliness play out in this series. It is photographed entirely within four walls with no windows or doors. To create the scenes, a camera was mounted on the ceiling and attached to a slider, where it could be glided into the center of the room to capture the subject within. Each image was constructed by hand, sometimes taking up to a hundred hours to construct a single set.