Echoes and Illusions

PhotographerCamilla Broadbent
PrizeBronze in Fine Art / Collage
Entry Description

These photographs are intended to engage the viewers subconscious. They are highly coloured and richly textured. The internal mirroring, using the “Rorschach” effect, can appear strange and beautiful, or bizarre and disturbing. Since Leonardo de Vinci and Botticelli in the renaissance, “ambiguous designs” have been used to assess personality. And in 1921 Rorschach created the standardized inkblot test. There are ten official blots of near-perfect bilateral symmetry. Rorschach inkblots have been widely used to study the individual’s phycology, imagination, consciousness, personality and mental health of both children and adults. The analysis of inkblot tests is hugely complex and also controversial. But the enduring fascination is how the same shapes produce such different responses and interpretations in each individual. Layering details from 17th Baroque painting, and my own still life photographs, these surreal juxtapositions are created, and strangeness appears in the spaces in-between.

About Photographer

There is no such thing as an innocent image, we each create our own reality.