CompanyAntonio Peinado - Fotofrafo
PhotographerAntonio Peinado
PrizeBronze in Fine Art / Abstract
Entry Description

One image of my series of animalistic arquitechture.

About Photographer

Antonio Peinado is a Spanish photographer, born in the summer of 1963 in Andújar in Andalucía. He lived there until he settled down in Pamplona in 1981. He has always felt drawn to photography. When Antonio was 15, he began to read and teach himself about photography, developing a passion for the art form as he learned. Antonio opened his photography studio in 2006. He began to work as a social and commercial photographer for businesses, marketing agencies and private clients. At the same time, he gave photography classes to university students studying design. His creative curiosity and perfectionism pushed him to search for new ways of expressing himself through photography, especially through portraiture. In recent years, Antonio has received recognition in a variety of countries for his work. Most recently being First Prize Winner in the 3rd Fine Art Photography Awards, category: Nude (London, April 2017) and receiving the distinction QEP, one of the most prestigious international acknowledgements given by the FEP, and the Best Spanish Photographer of the Year in Illustrative Art award given by the FEPFI in 2016.