The Map of Korea

PhotographerChi Kwon Choi
PrizeGold in Book (series Only) / Other_B
Entry Description

A compass of history, The Map of Korea I am currently creating a complete map of Korea. This map consists of images photographed in each different place. My map is a record of time rather than of the earth. I witnessed and recorded. However, I do not have the courage to testify. Still, as one of the intellectuals who lived in the early 21st century, I would like to create a map of time full of metaphors and analogies, Then covertly leave it. I want those who might own this book to know that I wanted to testify to the fact that the compass on the map always points to the Korea of the early 21st century.

About Photographer

Born in 1973, Seoul. He majored in graphic design and then work as a professor at Seoil University. He is now being active as a photographer of ILU that is a photograph group. He published the group photograph collection such as ‘Mirror Game’ in 2014 and ‘That Place Where God Stays-Shenxianju’ in 2015, Personal Photo book 'The Map of Korea' in 2016 and participated in invitation exhibits and group photograph collections at home and abroad. He was selected as Black & White Contest Sportlight Winner in 2016, Black & White Contest Excellence Winner in 2017.