Malacarne - Kids come first

PhotographerFrancesco Faraci
PrizeSilver in Book (series Only) / Documentary
Entry Description

A three year photographic journey in the bowels of Palermo. The book, published in crowdfunding by Crowdbooks and edited by Benedetta Donato, contains a selection of more than 70 photos in which the main protagonists are children. As the subtitle says, children come before everything else, even in those realities at the margins of society, where there are “no written” laws that people learn to respect as real rules, in order to survive.The right- thinking people call them the “Malacarne” (Bad meat) an expression of the local dialect that refers to people who can’t be trusted and that comes in a variety of negative meanings related to the inhabitants of certain specific areas of the city. I decided to use the expression “Malacarne” in a provocative way in order to break the cliché and show the other side of the coin:be children despite the difficult situation in which they live.

About Photographer

Francesco Faraci (1983) is a documentary and social photographer born and based in Palermo, Italy. He studied liberal art (anthropology, sociology) at the University of Palermo and he chose the photography as means of expressing. He learned from the great European and American photographers (William Klein, Henri Cartier- Bresson, Robert Doisneau, Robert Capa) trying to develop a personal photographic language. His work as like nerve centre the contradictions, the existential paradoxes, the cultural crossroads of Sicily and the immigration flow. For these reasons he travels on the roads of his homeland and of the Mediterranean countries telling stories. His work has been featured on Il Venerdì di Repubblica, La Repubblica, Il Manifesto, The Globe and Mail, Time Magazine, Erodoto108 and The Guardian. He is also a videomaker and a writer. In 2013 he started a long-term photographic project on the lives of children in the suburbs, Malacarne, and in 2016 this reportage became a photobook "MALACARNE-Kids come first" edited by Benedetta Donato and published by Crowdbooks.