Animal encounters

PhotographerMarcin Ciesielski
PrizeGold in Advertising / Self-Promotion
Entry Description

A subset of the series "Head full of dreams." This is part of series depicting everyday life in the surreal world we have imagined. In this subset human and animals relations are observed, and whatever the first impression may be, they are friendly, peaceful and full of wonder. The swan is on the lead, but it is just a morning ritual the bird and his human friend enjoy, the swan will have a total freedom for the rest of the day. The girl is catching fish but only to feed herself and heron. The alpaca followed humans inside and is tempted to the door with fresh carrot and kind words. The wool-deer came to give his wool to the humans who gratefully collect it. We have a glimpse of it and we smile in awe.

About Photographer

Marcin is the main photographer in this team, and Sylwia takes care of styling, but they can swap roles if needed. They are both extremely passionate about photography and never stop in trying to expand their skills and visions. They have obtained many many international awards including Gold Medals at 2014 and 2015 Prix de la Photographie Paris as well as gold medals (including best of the show) at 2014, 2015 and 2016 Trierenberg Super Circuit