The Stranger in the Glass Box

PhotographerShi Xiaofan (a.k.a Quentin Shih)
PrizeBronze in Fine Art / People_FA
Entry Description

This is a project with Christian Dior for an exhibtion "Dior With Contemporary Chinesse Arts" in Beijing. in this series, i want to express a kind of barrier and dialogue between west and east, western fashion and chinese fashion. Dior provided the wardrobe and models for this project.

About Photographer

Shi Xiaofan (aka Quentin Shih) was born in Tianjin China in 1975, now working as a professional artist/photographer based in Beijing, China. After graduating from Southeast University in 1998 with a BS degree in EE, he came to Beijing, the art and cultural center of China, seeking to develop his career as a photographer (instead of an engineer). In 2000, he joined several exhibitions in US and His photography works have been collected by American museums including Danforth Museum of Art, Worcester Art Museum, et During the last a few years, he moved his interests into commercial and fashion photography, and has been working for top advertising clients and international magazines. his works for commercial has won some international advertising and photography awards. Currently he returned to his love of fine art photography and worked on a few projects now. - be awarded Photographer of the Year by Esquire Magazine in 2007 - ONE OF THE NOMINEES OF THE NEW YORK PHOTO AWARDS 2008 IN THE CATEGORY OF ADVERTISING PHOTOGRAPHY/SERIES - WINNER OF THE IPA (INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY AWARD) 2008, 2ND PLACE IN ADVERTISING PHOTOGRAPHY CATEGORY IPA2008 - WORKS FOR MSN/MICROSOFT PRINT ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS WON THE GOLD AWARDS AT THE 15TH CHINA ADVERTISING FESTIVAL - SELECTED AS ONE OF THE ARTISTS WORKING WITH CHRISTIAN DIOR FOR THE EXHIBTION "DIOR WITH CHINESE CONTEMPORARY ARTS" - WORK FOR MICROSOFT/MSN PRINT CAMPAIGNS WON THE MERIT AWARD IN THE ADVERTISING CATEGORY OF THE PDN MAGAZINE PIX DIGITAL 2008 CONTEST PRESS and INTERVIEW: Air France Magazine Vogue Taiwan GOETHE Magazine, Japan Noblesse Magazine, Korea Elle, HK New York Times Times UK Vogue Chinese Version His Life magazine Madame Figaro, French Version MacPower Magazine, Japan Computer Arts UK, Rack Magazine, Photo Magazine