wine collection

PhotographerRyo OHWADA
PrizeSilver in Fine Art / Abstract
Entry Description

The wine is the drink which is most familiar at a lot of parties that have visited up to now, on an anniversary or with the everyday meal. Of course, most of the wines which I have come in contact with were cheap ones and I have not experienced like talking about the wines fully from every point such as about the history, the aroma or the taste. Although I did not know much about the wine, I felt the wine as a special drink which is able to accelerate the communication between people. For instance, if a delicious wine comes out in the place of the meal, it became everyone’s topic, and then the word of the color and the smell was derived. And the label and vintages are confirmed. There is a charm to which even the people who usually have no interest in wines pay attention to it. Also, its distinctive feature that makes long-term preservation and aging of wine possible provides another function for people. That is record and memory. The bottle of wine that is sealed with the record of place, age and creator could form each memory of the person who drinks or collects the wine. A certain person may consider the wine which is labeled in the year of the birth of his wife or his child very special to commemorate the occasion. And another person may get the wine as the work of art which is labeled in the year that produced the high-quality wines and created by the reputable producers. This gradation of red color contains the person's sense, the memory and the record of wine. By seeing the collection of a collector and a seller, we will be able to feel the thought of the person who has it at the same time. Why are people attracted to wine? And a big theme of this work is to record an expression of various wines as of 2008. I would like you to feel various thoughts which sleep within beauty and diversity of drink of wine and from various “red” shown in the pattern. These are... CHATEAU BEAUCAILLOU 1961 Bourgogne 1999 CHATEAU LABEGORCE 1998 Grand vin de Leoville 1961 Chateau Mouton Rothschild 1988

About Photographer

1978 born in sendai Japan. 2004 Tokyo Polytechnic University graduate school of Art, Media-art studies. 2005 Regeneration: 50 Photographers of Tomorrow (Musée de l'Elysée)