PhotographerMichael Levin
PrizeGold in Book (series Only) / Nature
Entry Description

Hardcover mongraph featuring 46 duotone plates. Published by Dewi Lewis Publishing (UK) and printed in Italy. Visit www.michaellevin.ca for more information.

About Photographer

While I was born land-locked under a vast Prairie sky in Winnipeg Canada, it wasn’t until I moved out to Vancouver that I became engaged with the potential for landscape photography. Perhaps it was simply my need to better understand my new surroundings – water, water, everywhere – that provoked my deeper interest in the way landscape can shape photographic reality. Whatever the reason, my creative imagination opened up at this time as I began to explore the many hidden treasures of the Pacific Northwest – even those more plainly in sight. While since this time, I’ve begun to range more widely, both geographically and in my subject matter, my curiousity remains for visuals that are obvious and yet elusive, as clear and transforming as water.