I'm Not A Toy

CompanyAdrian Samson Photography
PhotographerAdrian Samson
PrizeGold in Advertising / Self-Promotion
Entry Description

Personal project reflecting the issue of how people are often seen as sexual objects in modern media not respecting the unique personality of every human being.

About Photographer

Award winning photographer Adrian Samson delights and amuses the creative industry with more ingeniously original work. Versatile and brimming with ideas, complexity and depth. Adrian has secured a reputation for his ability to shock, excite and seduce. You can see much more at his website www.adriansamsonphotography.com He is picking up commissions globally and clients include, Motorola, Ford, Microsoft, Xbox, Sky One and MTV. Adrian was born in Slovakia in 1974. He left the country at late 90's, now he is based in London but regularly works abroad.