War in Georgia

CompanyNewsweek Inc
PhotographerAlex Majoli--Magnum for Newsweek
PrizeSilver in Photojournalism / War
Entry Description

Georgia. 2008. Russian soldier near by Mtskheta at 37 kms from Tblisi. A building in Gori is left smoldering in the wake of Russian bombardment of the city, which lies just south of the South Ossetian border. Within days, Russians were firmly in control of South Ossetia as the Georgians withdrew their troops and called for a ceasefire. A Georgian woman on the outskirts of Gori is overwhelmed by the eruption of violence after the Russian attacks that began Aug. 8. Crowds line up for food on the outskirts of Gori during the crisis. Many countries have established a presence in the conflict by contributing humanitarian aid. Inside the government palace in Gori, a chair is used in an attempt to keep Russian soldiers out. On the South Ossetian border to the north, Russian troops have formed a buffer zone to keep the Georgian military out of South Ossetia.

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