Entry Title: "Foreigner: Migration into Europe 2015-2016"
Daniel Castro Garcia
, United Kingdom
Category: Professional,

Entry Description:

Foreigner: Migration into Europe 20152016, documents the
lives of people at various stages of their migration to Europe.
The book is divided into three sections; migration to Italy from
Africa, migration to Greece and through the Balkans from the
Middle East, and the migrant camp in Calais, The Jungle.
Alongside photography, written texts serve as a context, and a
means to share the stories of the people we met during the
The book was created in response to the imagery used in the
media to discuss the issue of migration, which I felt was
sensationalist and was not giving people the time and
consideration they deserved. I wanted to approach the subject
from a calmer perspective, using medium format portrait
photography as a means of meeting the people at the centre the
crisis, and to use photography as an empowering and dignifying
tool rather than one of judgement.

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