Entry Title: "Sunset at Cory Brothers' quay"
Jose Luis Mendez Fernandez
, Spain
Category: Professional,

Entry Description:

Sunset at Cory Brothers' quay is a series of three images taken during the golden hour at
the ancient historical Cory Brothers' quay in Valleseco municipality built in 1912
consisting of two old bridges used to transport coal. It was originally exploited by the
British firm Cory Brothers and Company Ltd. for the supply of coal in the port of Tenerife.
I used a 10 ND filter to capture the images and a long exposure of about 3-5 minutes in
order to take difuse clouds and water motion. The Raw files were developed in Adobe LIghtroom 5.0. My goal was to express serenity as if time
would stand still.

About the Artist: