Entry Title: "Tribute to a lumberjack in a photograph of 1900."
, Japan
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Entry Description:

These are the people who work as lumberjacks(KIKORI) especially
engaging in tree felling. They have preserved the trees over-a-
century-long lives. I've been running after them to take shots of
their days through a year.

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About the Artist:

Ikuya Sasaki, born in 1985 and raised in Hokkaido, is a freelance photographer whose works are based in Hokkaido. After the graduation of university, he had worked in an architecture design office. Later on, he was impressed by "making emotional connections with people" yielded from photo taking, and started solitary study of photography through traveling abroad. His lifework is recording the moment of "Hito-Tabi" which means "Once, a journey towards people "