Paul with Otto and Lucian

PhotographerRichard Ansett
PrizeBronze in Portraiture / Family
Entry Description

This portrait is of the artist's partner with their pets but this is a portrait of the whole family; the artist is present behind the camera. Ansett's uses the realist nature of photography to illustrate the autobiographical universe that forms around us. The objective, through the example of images that represent his own worldview, is to challenge the accepted notion of reality space that we presume to share.

About Photographer

Richard Ansett’s images are in permanent and private collections including the National Portrait Galleries of London and Canada, Bibliotheque Nationale de France and the Smithsonian. His images have been part of major collaborative exhibitions worldwide. His images have won the Arte Laguna Prize 2013 and Grand Prix de la Decouverte 2013 and received the gold award at Prix de la Photographie in 2011,