Entry Title: "Refugee in transit"
Jeppe Carlsen
, Denmark
Category: Professional,

Entry Description:

Syrians, Afghans, Iraqis. The mass exodus of refugees fleeing
violence, bombs, gunfire and the Islamic State is the highest
number since world war II. Since this past spring, the number of
refugees crossing the small greek island Lesvos towards central
Europe has been steadily increasing, and even though weather is
getting worse, the flood does not seem to stop. With more than
1,000 new arrivals every day this small island has become the new
gateway to Europe. Although the Turkish coast is only 10km
across the Aegean, the going rate charged by smugglers is around
$1,200 and each news of another sinking adds to the death toll in
this stretch of the Mediterranean.
People are making the journey because they have no choice. Most
are from Syria, others from Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia and Eritrea
refugees from war, persecution, violence and human rights
abuses. Desperation and fear drives them.

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