MALLA YUDDHA - the Ancient Indian Wrestling

PhotographerEmiliano Pinnizzotto
PrizeBronze in Press / Sports
Entry Description

The fighting, body to body has very ancient origin. In many parts of the world is possible to find variations of style of wrestling, in India the traditional wrestling called Malla- Yuddha.The Guru Hanuman Akhara is one of the most important centers for the training of champions in this discipline, athletes train in a center without comfort,with outdated equipment,in conditions very distant from our own modern western gym that bring out Olympic champions.First the arena is turned on the 'incense and blessed and purified the field,then start a grueling fight, the two bodies becoming one, hair and sweaty bodies are covered with clay, almost to not make them see and breathe, muscle tension It is an extreme limit and the meeting goes on till the complete submission of the opponent. This fight is probably, in all its variants, the most 'ancient method of unarmed combat used by humans