Lights Out

PhotographerEsteban Brocos
PrizeBronze in Advertising / Self-Promotion
Entry Description

Have you ever thought about who will be the last one in this planet to go out and turn off the lights? A journey through real places where premonitions come true and a light dress reminds us that in each shopping we are slowly using up everything. A hard work in each step of the project. Design and build a dress with more than 300 bulbs, put them one by one in every shooting. Go to places with particular stories to tell about desolation: planes seized by drug traffic, an awesome hotel and a cruise property of a drugs cartel abandoned since the 70s, a dry forest and a decayed desert. The big challenge to photograph something that was already lightened with few minutes of natural light in the dawn and in the evening, a very hard work worthwhile but we want to do it again all around the world.