Arctica: The Vanishing North

PhotographerSebastian Copeland
PrizeSilver in Press / Nature/Environmental
Entry Description

Arctica: The Vanishing North represents ten years' worth of immersive photographic exploration into the High North. Few landscapes convey Nature in its untamed splendor like the Arctic. Fewer still conjure respect like the seldom traveled and ethereal North Pole. Yet, sadly, even this largely pristine and mostly misconceived treasure is now in jeopardy. The goal in these pages is to pay homage to this wonderland, and draw awareness to its perilous plight. The vision presented may be poetic, but the book’s aim is pragmatic: to inspire a deeper connection with our biosphere; and help foster a market transformation towards a sustainable future.

About Photographer

Advertising and nature photographer, and extreme adventurer, specializing in polar regions. A committed environmentalist, on the Board of Directors of President Gorbachev's Global Green USA