Entry Title: "Rumi Sunqu"
Juan Ignacio Cañete
, Argentina
Category: Professional,

Entry Description:

The "Rumi Sunqu" (means "stone heart" in Quechua) series
was developed in the Calchaqu valleys, Argentina. The
magnificence of nature inspired me about the geometry
(symmetry / asymmetry) and its interaction with light.

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About the Artist:

Juan Canete is a fine art photographer specialized in landscape, architectural and street photography. He works for magazines and among his customers there are multinational companies and private collectors. He was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His early fascination with other cultures led him to travel all around the world and enabled him to live in many cities in Asia, Africa and Europe. Today he lives in Buenos Aires where he keeps developing his personal and commercial photographic projects. Contact: Juan Ignacio Canete: info@juancanete.com.ar www.juancanete.com.ar