Contemporary Fresco's

CompanyMariska Karto
PhotographerMariska Karto
Prize1st Place in Fine Art
Entry Description

I have worked at this project from 2012 till now. My fresco's tell a story, not a story of a single person, but a story of our world. Our old world and our new world, blended together. It was a lot of work to create them, but only with love for our world, fresco's, photography and photoshop I was able to re-create the glory of old fresco's again...

About Photographer

Mariska Karto is a photographer/illustrator born in Suriname (South-America) and raised in Holland She started her artistic photography in 2010 with the urge to express her innerworld. A part of her work is based on her own experiences translated in visuals from dark to bright. Human feeling is the key that inspires her, human development related to spirituality is also an important factor. Her images tells about stories of a world deep within us. They show us a dark world and secret atmospheres, but they also show us a dreamy mood of a tender and soft dreamworld. If everything is too much, if the feeling overflows, a new dimension excists. In this dimension Mariska shoot her visual storytelling images. Mariska is a big fan of magical realism. She takes the term literally, a mixture of realistic photography and digital techniques.