Entry Title: "Black Pearl"
Mariska Karto
, Netherlands
Category: Professional,

Entry Description:

This woman is photographed in renaissance or baroque
However, this is impossible from a historic time point of view,
because a hundred years ago women of any other race than
white were minors in renaissance European time. This woman
didnt fit in the extraordinary exclusive renaissance/baroque
I have pulled away time from its structure and I wanted to give
this woman a place back in history.
I want to show the beauty of diversity, not to provocate, but to
connect. I use history to connect in present.

About the Artist:

Mariska Karto is a photographer/illustrator born in Suriname (South-America) and raised in Holland<br /> <br /> She started her artistic photography in 2010 with the urge to express her innerworld.<br /> <br /> A part of her work is based on her own experiences translated in visuals from dark to bright.<br /> <br /> Human feeling is the key that inspires her, human development related to spirituality is also an important factor.<br /> <br /> Her images tells about stories of a world deep within us. They show us a dark world and secret atmospheres, but they also show us a dreamy mood of a tender and soft dreamworld.<br /> <br /> If everything is too much, if the feeling overflows, a new dimension excists. In this dimension Mariska shoot her visual storytelling images.<br /> <br /> Mariska is a big fan of magical realism. She takes the term literally, a mixture of realistic photography and digital techniques.