Entry Title: "Ocean Rage"
Matilde Gattoni
, United Arab Emirates
Category: Professional,

Entry Description:

Shot in Ghana, Togo and Benin, Ocean Rage documents the
devastating effects climate change is having on the coasts of
West Africa.
As a direct consequence of global warming and sea level rise,
the coastline is eroding at a pace of up to 36 meters per year,
disrupting the lives of tens of millions of people in thirteen
countries by fueling economic crisis, criminal activities and an
endless wave of migration towards the West.
While entire coastal communities are being swept away, erosion
and sea level rise now threaten some of the world's most
booming cities, as well as vital food supplies, biodiversity
hotspots and UNESCO-protected historical sites.
Far from being an isolated problem, this is the harbinger of
what the whole world will experience if we will not be able to
find a viable balance between progress and environmental

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