Light Enters Upside Down

PhotographerBrett Canet-Gibson
PrizeGold in Fine Art / People_FA
Entry Description

Taking inspiration from a corrupt CF card, these images represent a larger body of work exploring pictorially the perils of today's digital image maker.

About Photographer

Brett Canet-Gibson has over 21 years’ experience as a photographer and visual artist based in Australia. He studied at the Central Metropolitan College of Art and Design, majoring in Photography with a minor in Film, and has produced numerous photo features and written essays for both national and international publications. - A seasoned image maker and communicator with extensive experience in portrait, still and commercial photography, as well as graphic design and the visual arts. - Significant involvement within the print media, design and entertainment industries. - Recognized for producing outside the box creative, with the ability to generate new ideas, bring perspectives and approaches together, and combine them in a unique way. He is highly proficient in the use of Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop, Illustrator, Bridge etc) as well as a range of professional digital photographic equipment, and is a skilled B&W hand printer.