Entry Title: "Inner Demon In The Flesh"
Yana Vasilyeva
, Russian Federation
Category: Professional,

Entry Description:

They drive us to despair, slowly and with pleasure inject their poison
and thrust their claws, causing fears, melancholy, apathy, cruel and
hurting thoughts, self-flagellation and enormous sense of guilt with
insecurities, doubts, emotional vulnerabilities. Behind a mask of a
smile, burning, squeezing feeling of a helmet on your head, sucking
emptiness in the soul, thoughts bringing dreadful pain. Demons
destroy us by our own hands, through our desires and thoughts, words
and acts, they are an integral part of us as well as we are part of
them. The work shows a person with an inner demon that is
decomposing in the darkness, till there is no skin to one with open
flesh on the surface and only a shivering flower of hope keeps the
head floating.

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About the Artist:

Portrait and fine art photographer covering social, psychological, environmental aspects based on contemporary issues in the world.