Entry Title: "Balanchine’s The Nutcracker"
Dave Moser
, United States
Category: Professional,

Entry Description:

An image taken for one of six ballets in Pennsylvania Ballets 2015-
16 season. Rather than showing dancing, we wanted to represent
the dancers as the characters within a victorian tableau for this
beloved ballet. The images for this Ballet were used in all forms of
advertising in the greater Philadelphia Area. This campaign helped
in the Ballet breaking all their previous records in sales.

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About the Artist:

I am a seeker, an artist, a photographer, a father, a husband, a lover of all things eclectic, a listener, a cook, a marketer, a business person, an outdoorsman and voyeur. I graduated from The University of Dayton with a BFA in photography. I discovered commercial photography through assisting and fell in love with problem solving, collaborating, completion, access and working with different people in different environments everyday. I've found portraiture to be the most fascinating aspect of photography due to the connection and understanding it offers. If I grow to understand someone, not necessarily agree with but understand - I have love for them. Often while photographing people they become younger, the effects of time fall away and I am witnessing the openness we all shared as children. Portraiture, listening and the discipline of seeing are the aspects of my craft that inspire and energize me.