Lake Flamingo

PhotographerJing "Joy" Hu
PrizeBronze in Book (series Only) / Nature
Entry Description

In Kenya, a group of beautiful flamingos were enjoying time in their natural habitat. The captions for each individual photo are: 1) Peace in action, Peace in inaction; 2)Shoulder to shoulder; 3)Fire in the water; 4) Taking off; and 5) The magnum opus.

About Photographer

Jing “Joy” Hu is a photographer currently based in New York. She is a passionate traveler and volunteer who loves bringing out the stories of the marginalized humans with dignity and virgin natural beauty through her photographs. Jing took photos in China, Kenya, Qatar, Mongolia and the US, and has survived from earthquake, Tibetan mastiffs, and an environment with terrorists. To help more than just volunteer teaching, she held photo exhibition in Kenya to raise fund and awareness for local underprivileged children. She also has awarded photos exhibited in Europe, South Asia, Middle East and America. As a photographer, she hopes to tell more stories about beauty and truth.