Idomeni – Human Bottleneck on EU’s doorstep

PhotographerFilip Warwick
PrizeBronze in Press / General News
Entry Description

On one side of the Greek-Macedonian border lies the Greek village of Idomeni. It’s nestled between rolling hills and the local population stands at about 150 people. Walk one kilometre east from the village and you will find 12,000 refugees and migrants living in tents and improvised camps. Thousands languish in tents in the Greek countryside transformed by recent rains into fields of mud. Conditions continue to deteriorate into what many say is a recipe for more misery. Woman and children make around 60% of the refugee camps population. According to NGO volunteers working in the refugee camp people have become tired and their psychological state is sometimes critical.

About Photographer

Filip Warwick is a freelance photojournalist and has worked in Central and Eastern Europe. His photos and features have appeared in Deutsche Welle, Die Presse, La Libre Belgique, Politico and Suddeutsche Zeitung, among others.