Your Time Your Space

CompanyHabby Khalil Photography
PhotographerHabby Khalil
PrizeGold in Advertising / Other_AD
Entry Description

This project is a second phase of a print campaign for one of the biggest sport foundation in GCC called (Aspire Zone). The idea is about how Aspire is the place where memories are made and replayed.

About Photographer

I was born in Alexandria, Egypt on July 5, 1979. As a child, my first interaction with art was through my father, an amateur painter. At the age of ten I took private lessons in drawing. During college, I was never satisfied with Business Administration as a major, so I choose to educate myself in arts to a level which enabled me later to put my first step in the art industry. Swinging between working as a 3D animator and an animation director I continued exploring the world of art just to figure out my passion about composition, lighting and concept more than other perspectives in the 3D field. Then I had decided to go further with photography, which I was already practicing as a hobby. Winning an award in a photography competition at the American arts festival in Qatar took my career towards an important curve, and that was the start for My professional career in photography. In the past 8 years I had successfully built an extensive portfolio with many international agencies and brands, my work had been exposed throughout international publications and magazines.